Ship's fumigation, in whichever way it is performed, is a process that should be characterized by accuracy and effectiveness so that after the end of the work, the ship is able to depart towards its destination free of pests. For the above reasons, it is companies that have got special experience and long occupation with the subject that should be entrusted with such projects.

EU.DI.FON (European Disinfection and Fumigation) pays special attention to ship's fumigation as it is highly experienced.
All ship types (tanker - container - cruiser - yacht) are vulnerable to pests' attack. In the accommodation rooms the most usual problem is german cockroaches and rats. Due to the particularly favorable conditions (stable temperature - plenty of food), their spreading is rapid there. In addition, a great number of pests are carried and developed in holds and keep doing their -in many ways- harmful work until the ship reaches its destination.

The effectiveness, consistence and capability of dealing with a variety of problems, despite the difficult -most of the times- work conditions, are the main reasons that have made us particularly popular with shipping companies. More than forty shipping companies work with EU.DI.FON in order to solve their pest control problems and even more seek our advice on matters concerning our field of expertise.
At the same time, we provide the shipowner company and its staff with high safety rate in combination with the lowest cost and time delay. After the end of the work, we provide a Deratication Certificate.
Our parties are at your disposal (throughout day and night) in every harbour all over Greece.