EU.DI.FON has been applying the principles of the qualified administration aiming to raise the level of the furnished services to the highest point and has succeeded to become the first company of disinfection and pest control services in Greece to be I.S.O.-9002 certified.

The procession I.S.O. -9002 doesn't just prove that at this moment the company keeps the quality rules but also that it's being bound to keep then continuously. This high standard of furnished services in being insured. This certification comes as reward to our efforts to provide superior Quality and safety services to our customers .

It is the Company's Policy to render and maintain safe, effective, and environmentally sound integrated services to prevent or control pests and disease vector affecting the health of personnel or damaging materiel, or property.

All Company's activities shall:
  • Be according to the requirements of every individual Customer.
  • Satisfy their expectation / needs.
  • Be in full compliance with all relevant rules, laws and regulations affecting Company.

    In order all objectives to be satisfied, the Company Management is committed to organise and keep working the whole Company's Management System in such a way so that all the activities, materials, methods, personnel that affect or can influence the Quality of services are under constant vigilance and positive Control.

    The Management System of the Company has as basis the Quality Management principles, structure and content according the International Standard ISO 9002: 1994 / EN 29002.

    This Policy Statement of Company concerning the Quality matters is also a firm Commitment of Company's General Manager and applies to all Company's activities, departments and personnel.

    The implementation of the above Policy Statement as well as operation of the Quality System is under the full authority and responsibility of the Company's Quality Department Manager.