Insect disinfection is the amount of actions aiming to free any environment of mainly walking and flying insects. It includes three stages:
1) Prevention
2) Control
3) Maintenance

PREVENTION: it means the activities, which, during their performance, make the insects' survival attempts difficult. The biological circle and the habits of each insect, which is the target, dictate these actions. These are controlled by the special technician and performed in co-operation with the client.
CONTROL: it includes the enforcement of a complete program of actions, which intends to eliminate a well-established infestation of pests. It contains monitoring-control. Monitoring is done through glue traps, which allow us to recognize the kind and the number of population of pests and their harborages.
Control includes the performance of pesticides, where insects live and can be found. The performance is achieved with special machinery (pressure pumps - foggers - ULV - electric insect traps, etc.) in accordance with the needs of the environment and the kind of pests which have to be eliminated. The choice of residual pesticides (that means large time of action) is also equivalent (carbamate - organophosphates - botanical and inorganic insecticides - pyrethroids - insect growth regulators {IGR})
EU.DI.FON has all the types of machinery available and is completely aware of the qualities and characteristics of the pesticides mentioned before.
MAINTENANCE: All the above activities are supposed - without having one cancelling the other- to act for the elimination of the pests.
SAFETY: The above pesticides affect cold-blooded organisms (organisms without blood, such as insects) so they set them completely safe for humans as well as the environment when they are performed properly by professionals in the field.


  1. Check out regularly:
    - Possible entrances of pests
    - Possible harborages of insects (e.g. creaks, pump leaks)
  2. Eliminate the factors, which are in favor of their development.
  3. For more information consult our professional technician.