This is the prevailing term used for pest control. But its real significance refers to the elimination of microorganisms (pathological or not) meaning those causing pestilential diseases.
Such microorganisms are viruses, microbes (germs), funguses, bacilluses and their seeds. This work is effected mainly in environments of particular sanitary importance (e.g. Surgeries - Intensive Care units) in case of an area infested by a contagious disease, but also in other facilities such as poultry or pig farms, cowhouses and anywhere else necessary. During this work, we spread the disinfectant all over the infested areas. The spreading is achieved with mechanical means such as pressure pumps, foggers, ULV and sterilisators. Disinfecting substances used are mixtures of aldeid and carbolitic acids, which are well known for their instant-killing action.
SAFETY: Any disinfectant used in recommended doses and for the approved applications is safe for humans and their environment.


  1. Not all germs are pathological or harmful.
  2. Correct and consistent cleansing eliminates the development of bacteriagerms.
  3. Consult our special technician about anything concerning the areas and ways of application as well as the frequency of disinfection.