Insect Disinfection, Rodentification, Fumigation, Disinfection

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was established in Koridallos, Piraeus, in January 1993. Scientific advisor of the company is Mr. Konstantinos Stamoulis, owner of the Special License No 87331 17-09-1992 of the Creek Ministry of Agriculture.
In the years that followed, thanks to our sense of responsibility, our consistence, technical knowledge and the effectiveness of our work, we have won the respect as well as the preference of our clients. As a result, the firm EU.DI.FON is directly connected with Disifenction and Pest Control problems.
EU.DI.FON is nowadays a fully developing Disinfection Company with a serious background and a numerous technical staff, ready to present and apply a complete and effective protection project in order to confront and maintain Pest Control.

  1. Insect disinfection
  2. Rodent disinfection
  3. Disinfection
  4. Fumigation
We specialize in Pest Control in ships, yachts, cabin cruises as well as any kind of construction demanding an environment free of pests such as apartments, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, warehouses, schools, restaurants, etc.